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State of Being is a Cleveland, Ohio-based American alternative and industrial rock project started at the turn of the 90s by singer-songwriter Christopher Földi. The band's big break locally came in 1994 after a successful opening gig for Chemlab at the Phantasy nightclub in Lakewood, Ohio, where Foldi was a resident DJ. The group followed soon after with the debut of their first full-length CD, "Dysfunctional Vision”. Live performances reached a new high when the band performed at WMMS' BuzzardFest in 1995 at Blossom Music Center, where they opened for The Ramones, Face to Face, and many others.

In the years that followed, the group went thru a number of line-up changes and a variety of releases, struggling to find their identity. Then Andy Kubiszewski (Stabbing Westward, Exotic Birds) suggested producing the band's next disc. 

 "Haywire" was completed in 2004, distributed by Metropolis Records, and spawned the single "Levity" which received significant airplay in Cleveland, Phoenix and as far away as Melbourne, Australia. Gigs in Chicago, New York City and throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania followed, as the band performed supporting gigs for The Church, The Used, Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult and many others. 

Haywire was followed up by a pair of clever remix EPs in 2005. New demos for a follow up to Haywire were written but never completed. State of Being continued to perform regularly until 2006.

Ten years later, near the end of 2016, Földi was struck by the impulse to capture the unsettled energy of the world at that moment. The result was nine new songs on an album titled "The Misinformation Age.” The sound was intentionally subdued and reflective of the mood at that time; a dawning realization that the dystopian future we feared in the last century was becoming inevitable.

A year later, the mood has shifted... Time to come out punching. The new album “Awake” (2018) strikes the listener with bolder beats and bigger guitars, striking a tone of defiance in the face of oppressive change. Trademark vocals bounce between new wave rhythms, synths and grinding guitars. The sound is assertive, yet optimistic.

These are the days to stay Awake.

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